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Introduction: Bottle Art

Paint any bottles lately? Well you should! It makes for an extremely easy and highly satisfying art project!

Step 1: Materials

Materials: Glass bottle Craft paint Lighter fluid (or something else to clean the bottle, goo gone would be good too) Rag

Step 2: Cleaning Time!

Now you should thoroughly clean out your bottle. If there is a label, rip it off and scrub off the adhesive with the lighter fluid/goo gone (I think gads would work, but be careful with that) make sure you clean the rag out before putting it in the garbage or hamper (I just soaked it in water then rung it out), since you don't want it to light. Some of these fluids will make some fabric heat up and combust! And you don't want to burn your house down. Just be careful while working with these fluids, and if you aren't aloud to use them, then just don't! Ask your parents first children! Anyway, let the bottle dry, lighter fluid dries off fast. Now if your bottle is dirty inside. Try lighter fluid, if that won't work. Use hot water. If you use water. Poor out all the water and let it dry for a long time. If you use lighter fluid you should dump it out, then let it dry, it will dry faster though!

Step 3: Painting!

This part is fun and easy. Poor paint in the bottle, then make it run all over the sides. For best results put a bit of one colour in at a time. Like if you use two colours. Put in the first, then the second, then the second, then the first again, then the second. You should do this till you have enough to cover the bottle. I put too much in, and put each colour in all at once. It just showed mostly one colour, which lead me to retry. To do this. Clean the bottle out before it dries. Then repeat the painting step. The first bottle I did worked. But I had more colours in, and had to put more half way through. That one worked out well. But the second one (the one in this instructable) didn't look so good.

Step 4: Let It Dry!

Now just dump out the unused paint. And let it dry! Then you will have your sweet looking bottle art! I wouldn't drink out of it if I were you though, you never know what the paint will do to you!

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    7 years ago on Step 3

    I painted a glass vase like that, very cool-looking and a very fun project to tackle.

    At first glance I took it for a sand bottle, filled with differently colored sand. Cool idea, thanks for sharing. But dumping the unused paint seems such a waste, especially since the mix in the picture looks rather intriguing. Perhaps if you dumped it on a piece of paper and let it dry? Maybe there's more art to be made here...