Bottle / Bar / Pipe - Camera Mount

Introduction: Bottle / Bar / Pipe - Camera Mount

I wanted to attach a camera to my Snow Blower, Stroller, Bike etc, so I made this out of a hose clamp, screw and a few nuts. 

Tools required
Screw Driver
Drill and 1/4" Bit

All available at Home Depot or any hardware store

1 x Hose Clamp, whatever size you need (found in the plumbing aisle) 
1 x 1/4" diameter, 20 pitch thread machine screw, 1 1/4" long
3 x 1/4", 20 pitch thread hex nuts 

The most important thing to note is the screw must be 1/4" with a 20 pitch thread or it won't fit in the tripod mount of your camera. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice one! Should give interesting time lapse shots when placed on a bar.