Bottle Basketball

Introduction: Bottle Basketball

When you are bored on at work or at school , you should make a Bottle Basketball. You could compete with friends or just play by yourself.

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

All you need is:

     paper (any kind)
     glue (any kind)
     water bottle

Step 2: Basket

Get the peice of paper and cut a strip of paper out. You could fold the paper to make the basket sturdier. Get the glue and glue the paper onto the top of the basket. That is where you are going to be shooting the basketballs into.

Step 3: Pole (optional)

Get the rest of the paper and cut out a strip o paper that is as long as the height from the bottom of the water bottle to the basketball hoop. You could fold the paper to make it sturdier. This is just decoration; it is not required.

Step 4: Ball

Get the left overs from the paper and cut or rip peices of paper. You could rip it any size you want. Make it into a ball. This is what you are going to be throwing into the hoop. Make an even number of balls. That will make it easier when dividing the balls .

Step 5: How to Play

When playing with 2 or more players:
divide the balls evenly so that everyone gets the same amount of balls. If there are extras leave that to the side. Take turns shooting the ball into the hoop. The one with the most points wins.

When playing with 1 player:
throw the ball into the hoop. Try and get them all into the hoop with out missing any. 

If it gets annoying to gather the balls at the end of the game, put a container under it. I did not.

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