Bottle Boy



Introduction: Bottle Boy

We made a bottle robot out of recycled bottles recycled tape and a plastic lid for the base to recycle tape and plastic from our landfills.

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Step 1: Collect

First we had to go around our school and collect lots of recycled tape, 7 Gatorade bottles, 1 Arizona Bottles, and 2 Smart Water bottles.

Step 2: Design

We had to design a stable structure with the recycled tape and bottles so the bot wouldn't fall over. We decided on having two gatorade bottles as legs and one gatorade bottle as the attachment point.

Step 3: Build

We began to assemble the bot after plotting out our design. We then but a bottle on top of that to finis the basic structure of the robot.

Step 4: Intermission

Next we inserted two more bottles to create the arms. After we added the Arizona and final Gatorade bottle on the back of the robot. Finally we added the two smart water bottles to ballance the previous weight on the robot. Once we had the bot finished we needed to transport the bot to its final destination for painting.

Step 5: Finnish

After the bot had been primed and painted we screwed it to the base and finished our project.

Step 6: Amount of Plastic Saved

Through our research we established that 30 million tons of plastic waste each year in the US alone. From this About 13 million tons came specifically from containers and packaging. Our goal with this project is to try to reduce that amout of waste in the landfill. this one robot alone saved an estimate of 5371.93 cm squared. this number might seem small but every effort counts. If 5 people make this design at home they could save an estimated 26859.65 cm squared. Even these small changes will lead to the major goal of ending plastic waste in our landfills.

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