Bottle Cap Laptop/Netbook Stand

This is my first Ible.  I did research this and found others do this also but none of them string the caps together.  So, here goes.

Starting with the list of materials.

   String/Craft Lace

   Soda Bottle Caps (4)

                Pen/Pencil (1)

                Paper (1 sheet)

                Ruler and/or straight edge (1)

                Scissors/knife (1)

                Drill (1)

                Drill bit (just large enough to match the size of the string) (1)


Step 1: Making the Pattern

Using the paper, pen/pencil, and ruler.  If this is for a netbook, it may fit within the footprint of a sheet of paper.  Place the netbook on the sheet of paper.  Mark on the paper where the factory feet of the netbook touch the paper on the length wise and width wise dimensions of your netbook.

This will create the pattern to work from.


If this is for a laptop and won’t fit on a piece of paper, just use the ruler to measure the distance between the feet (center to center).  Be sure to write down the measurements.


Step 2: Calculating the Feet Placement

You will need to use some math for this part.  The formula is 2 x Length +2 x Width (2L+2W) (unless the feet on the laptop/netbook don’t make a rectangle).  This will tell how much string or craft lace to use.  Measure the distances with the ruler and write them down on the piece of paper.  Add them together and add about a half inch.


If the pattern isn’t a rectangle just add the length of each side to each other.  Make sure to add about a half inch extra for tying a knot in the ends.

Step 3: Add the String

Cut the string (or lace) to the length that was calculated in Step 2.

Step 4:

Using the drill and drill bit, drill two holes in each bottle cap (this will allow for stringing the caps).  Be careful of fingers.  If you have a vise, set the bottle cap in the vise before drilling the holes.  Set the holes at a 90 degree angle in the side of the caps.  Kids get permission from your parents to use the drill.  Parents supervise the kids or do this part for them.

Step 5: String the Caps Together

You are ready to string the bottle caps together.  If you want, tie a couple of knots in the string on the inside of each bottle cap to keep the cap from moving (but you will want the caps to sit in the location of the feet on the laptop/netbook).

Step 6: Finished Laptop/Netbook Stand

Shown in the carrying case is the finished stand.  Feel free to comment.  I hope you like it.



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