Bottle Gourd Barfi

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Learn how to make Ghiya barfi or lauki ki barfi at home. Ghiya ki barfi can be prepared for any festivals like rakshabandhan, Janmastami or it can be even consumed for vrat or fast days. Homemade ghiya barfi tastes very nice and is healthy too.


Bottle Gourd (Ghiya/ Lauki) - 500 gms

Clarified Butter (Desi ghee) - 1.5 tbsp

Sugar - 3/4 cup or 150 gms

Khoya/ Mawa - 150 gms

Elaichi Powder - a pinch

Chopped Nuts (cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, sesame seeds)Edible Green Food color - Few drops

Step 1: Method

1. Peel bottle gourd and grate it. Squeeze out excess water from grated lauki (Bottle Gourd).

2. Transfer grated lauki in a kadai. Cook for 5-10 min on low to medium flame. Add half of desi ghee and cook for another 5-10 min. After water dries up from mixture, add sugar.

3. After adding sugar, the mixture will leave water or lauki juice. Cook till the water dries up. It will take 10 min. Increase the flame to dry up the mixture completely.

4. Add in mava/ khoya and cook till the mixture get into barfi kind of consistency. Add in chopped nuts, food colour and cardamom powder.

5. Once the mixture is ready transfer in a greased bowl, plate. Spread the mixture and flaten it with help of spatula or spoon. Keep the desired thickness of barfi. Sprinkle chopped nuts.

6. Keep aside the barfi for setting.

7. Cut into desired shape and serve.



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