Bottle Pyramids

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Making towers and pyramids of stuff is a well known practice but when hungover the brain produces a special chemical that causes some humans to react strongly by having a fervent desire to build dangerously unstable colossi out of the most fragile materials available, being linked to hangovers beer bottles are often readily available.

Oh yeah, I happen to be that person who has a made up brain chemical, a love of budweiser and got bored tidying. This is also the sole reason that I keep bottle boxes, so I can build pyramids...

*Please note: There are inherent dangers in building bottle pyramids, namely massive amounts of broken glass, which according to popular belief is sharp! Most of the dangers involved can be negotiated by being sober and not hungover. Also drink responsibly, I do...

Step 1: Science!

I'm not lying there's science...

To build the bog standard bottle pyramid shape there's two things to understand, first off since beer bottles don't stack directly you'll be using triangular numbers, which means you'll need a number of bottles that are a triangular number...

There's a Formula - I'm not lying if you want a pyramid that's so many tall you can work out how many bottles you need, I had enough for 8 the first time, however the hallway floor isn't perfectly stable...

Moving to the kitchen helped, since it's stone and perfectly flat...

Also thanks to a little get together the is now enough for

Step 2: Other Junk That Can Help...

Have a level surface, not like mine... The photos of the one in the hallway, you may notice I'm standing far away from the pyramid, apparently wood floors bend under your weight a tiny bit, and you don't notice... Bottle pyramids do...

A friend, it would be creepy to do this alone, also they can tell you where you're going wrong, like they did the night before, 'cept you didn't listen then...

Step 3: Build...

Building the pyramid is simple, make a three bottle pyramid and go from there, making sure the bottles are straight...

Try not to consider drinking more just to build more pyramids, there were two full crates in the hall that were making things complicated, see it wouldn't work with caps on was the logic so we'd have to drink them all, how terrible... Alas we didn't because we weren't going to be outsmarted by liquor, again.

Step 4: Realize...

You have looked at an instructable about building bottle pyramids, made by someone who took the time not only to build a big bottle pyramid under his No Dumping sign but that you too may have been overcome by the urge to build a pyramid out of bottles without realizing it.

You never needed any instructions, but you'll be drinking a bunch of something or other and it'll be a great idea... But take a picture please and throw it in a comment, we can have a shrine to one curious aspect of humanity, because we all do it. (Girls do actually build bottle pyramids too but they keep it a secret, they also laugh at farts and burn things when we're not around, but don't tell them I told you...)



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've done the same with harmless Ginger Beer, steadier towers and less hang overs :P


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I've lived in places like that. One evening we sellotaped 200 beer-cans to the ceiling...


    2 replies

    But then they started dropping-off, a bit like radio-active decay, making it difficult for the guy trying to sleep on the sofa. Then the cleaners refused to do their jobs until we'd taken them all down...



    9 years ago on Introduction

     Would just like to point out that you look entirely not sober in the first picture... if you had a cigarette and some wine I'd have thought you were Bernard Black. :P

    I can't say I've ever built a beer pyramid, but perhaps one day.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Haha nice, They do this at motorsport events, because its grass they lay the bottles sideways, If a whole group of people get together the towers get massive.