Bottle Rockets !

2 - 2-Liter soda bottles
3 - cardboard wings
1 - tennis ball
3 - garbage bags
6 - 3-foot-long pieces of string
2 - balloons, blown up to the point where they can safely fit inside the open bottle.
-electrical tape.
1 - liter water.

Step 1: One.

Remove all covering from your bottles, and cut the bottom segment off of one of them.

Step 2: Two.

cut the following shape wings out of cardboard.
they're aerodynamic. and they look funky.

Step 3: Three.

flatten out three garbage bags by cutting along their seam, then tape them all together, side-by-side. the result should look like a rectangle. on the two shorter sides, hole-punch and reinforce three holes each - two for the corners, and one in the center of the side. put a piece of string, about three feet long, through each hole, and knot. take all the strings and, with strong tape, secure them to the tennis ball.

Step 4: Four.

take a blown up balloon, and put it in the bottle. put the garbage bag parachute with the tennis ball in the bottle, and put another balloon in with it.

Step 5: Five.

Go outside and launch your rocket with a pump and a stopper.
Hope the air pressure makes your balloons make the parachute deploy.
Hope really hard.



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    wtf 3 things 1 improve ur spelling and grammar 2 give an instrutible that actually make sense anyone can put half of a bottle with something in on top of a water rocket. 3 stop wasteing peoples time!!!!!!

    5 replies

    I really hope you're being sarcastic because he doesn't have a single misspelled word whereas your comment is a giant jumbled mess of randomly strewn letters in a futile attempt to appear smart. Hypocrisy does not suit you, in reality, it suits no one.

    KaivenCaptain Dyson

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    What the heck... Three things for you: 1. Improve your spelling and grammar. 2. Give a comment that actually makes sense; anyone can type a criticizing comment that doesn't make any sense. 3. Stop wasting people's time!