Bottle Bag 'dress' for Half-bottle




Introduction: Bottle Bag 'dress' for Half-bottle

This is a bottle cover- not really a bag. It's designed for a standard half bottle.
I have not found any half bottle patterns on the net- in fact I haven't found any full sized bottle patterns yet either, but when I tackle that I'll share. Comerically produced ones on beautiful brocade retials fro anywhere form £4 to £16, which is high way robbery when you can make it yourself.  The commercial ones do tend to have a wider, bigger sleeve and a more gradual curve into the waist, which probably ensure a fit on a greater range of bottles.  You can always modify my pattern and try.

I have supplied a pdf of the pattern.  You can use any material- you may not want to use shiny, slippery taffeta like I did as it is
hard to work with. 

The collar looks best if you cut two and sew. Do note that the top of of the mandarin collar is longer than the bottom, when you attach it.

The steps are easy. 

1. Cut out the main dress twice with a seam allowance of about 3-4 cms. 

2. Pin them together so the right sides touch and so the wrong sides are facing out, when you sew.

3. Sew a little along the 'shoulder' and then down the side on each side.  Be sure to leave room at the 'neck' so you can attach the collar.

4. When sewing the sleeves, err on the side of making wide sleeves. YOu can choose to have the sleeves have a hole like real sleeves or you can sew the sleeve 'hole' shut and carry on down the side of the dress, to give the impression of a sleeve shape, which is what I did. Inside out and check the shape (try it on a bottle). If it's fine, turn it back outside in,  notch and clip the excess material to remove bulk, then inside out again prior to pressing.

5. Sew the two collar pieces together, matching them so wrong sides are facing out. Be sure you sew only the top and sides, leaving the bottom open.  Turn 'outside in'  to check the shape.   If fine, turn inside out and notch/clip the excess material away, then turn inside out again prior to pressing.

6. Press both the main dress and the collar again so they lie flat.
7. Pin the collar to the dress, so the open (bottom of the collar is 'inside' the dress.  Do it by eye so that the collar is centered.
I recommend folding the collar in half to find its center, then pinning it to the 'back' of the dress first, then the side/front, so the points meet. Hand sew the collar to the main dress.

8. Next you need to turn the raw edges of the dress under.  PIn front and back under, then sew.  This can be somewhat difficult if  the bottom of the dress has a curve.  You might choose to make the hemline straight and add curves with your decoration instead.
After sewing, notch and clip away excess material.

9. Finally you can add decoration trim to the bottom of the dress. This is important because it hides any flaws which creep in to your bottom seam. I did the front only with zigzag material.  I added the trim on the collar round under one arm (that is not a seam, just decoration). You could also personalize the bag- I ran out of time but somewhere on the body of the dress you might put the initials of the person you are giving it to, in decorative trim or beads.   Enjoy! -- Micaela

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