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Introduction: Bottle Gun

use this on ur friends to scare them, they will back away and cover their face once they see it pointing at them. its a lame instrutable (1 pic, pretty obvious how to do) but hey, it might help some people (sorry for only 1 pic...didnt feel like taking pictures of a bottle =)

Step 1: Get Bottle

just find any bottle. some bottles will work, and some wont. it should be about a 17 fl. oz. bottle. (bottle of water etc.)

Step 2: Loosen & Tighten

first take the cap off and let out a tiny bit of air, then put the cap back on just far enought so that its right on the edge of letting air out, and not letting air out. (basically tighten the cap just far enough so that it doesnt leak air.)

Step 3: Twist

twist the bottle so that lots of pressure builds up. twist as far as possible and hold there.

Step 4: Open Cap / Finish!

now while holding it twisted, point it at sombody and loosen the cap very quickly. the cap will pop off and hit them. woo! yes i know this is a pretty lame instructable but whatever. (you can also do the same thing but tighten the cap a little more, and jump on it.)



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    if u rellay want to scare your friends do this u will need 5 things a bottle any will work bakeing soda and paper towl viger and pice of tape ok fill the bottel hafl way full of viger now set a side now put some bakeing soda in the paper towl and fold in a retangol and lave a pice of the paper towl to put the cap on to hold the bake soad so u can shake the bottol up now tape the paper towl so the bakeing soad dont fall in the viger now put the pice of the paper tolw where u scerw the cap on now hold the paper towl ane scerw the cap on tight and shake the bottle up and thorw on the ground hard a lode bang will happen just dont do when there is a cop around

    Its a bad idea to post something even if YOU think its lame, let alone the peanut gallery, who agrees with the decree of lameness.

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    i do this all the time at our school's football games...its so mush fun

    we do this all the time in my nieghborhood except we lossen the cap till its on the very end of the threading and stomp on it not as accurate but still fun one kid got hit with this in his back and he cried!!!(big baby)

    I did this as a school project and accidentally hit my teacher with it lol

    ya this is fun me and some of my friends do this after class in the high school locker room shooting people in the butt when they are changing. it hurs i got shot just the other day

    there is another inst. that is the same thing...

    OR!!! you can simply get a bottle, fill it with water, then with one foot step on it(build up heaps of prusssure)works better if ur heavy, think bout it. Then you place your other foot on the lid and push down a lil 4 grip then pull your foot so it starts twisting open. What happens is the water pushes it into a spinning momentum that propells it forwards (like a bullet) this works just the same with air, wen i was in primary school i nearly hit a teacher with one of these

    Dud i know a better way by usen water

    pretty old trick, been doing this since 01' at least. Once someone I knew shot the bottle cap point blank at this guys head and made him bleed. The condensation at comes out is pretty kewl.

    im also kinda do i check ratings? and 1 more thing, my other instructable is 9/11 out of a $20 bill in the category tips and tricks if u wanna look at it

    this isnt my first instructable....its my second. my first one is pretty good tho. i just thot of this one day so i put it on. and as i said in the intro, i know this instructable is kinda lame.

    so this instructable is for people like YOU who DONT know how to do this. some members here, to me, seem to think that every instructable has to be new to them (im talking to YOU legendaryfrog and you Edge). Have a cookie, cry_wolf

    I didnt know how to do this :D

    well according to the people who rated my instructable (pretty much the same as your but made earlier), mine and yours "suck". but i like the effort. great minds think alike. In my opinion, B for the both of us.

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    if great minds thought alike then there would never be any good ideas. :P j/k