Bottles & Bags




Bottles and bags, they seem to grow and reproduce around our place. How about a simple and effective way to contain and reuse both?


Step 1: Caps Off!

Remove the bottles cap, if you haven't already thrown it out.

Step 2: Bags & Bags of Bags!

Collect some of those plastic bags that are stuffed into every cubbyhole in the house and garage.

Step 3: Corner In! Handle Out!

Begin by stuffing one of the lower corners of the bag into the empty bottle. Stuff it on in there but make sure you leave the opposite handle of the bag sticking out of the bottle.

Step 4: 3 Will Do!

With a second bag stick one of the lower corners through the stick out handle. About 3 inches through will do the trick.

Step 5: A Twist and a Lock!

Now give the stick out handle a couple of twists, just to make sure the two bags are 'locked' together.

Step 6: Stuff That Bag!

Finally repeat this operation until you have stuffed all those bags and filled all those bottles. There are twelve bags in this quart bottle with room for about six more.

Step 7: It's Clean Up Time!

Need a bag for that dog yard clean up, the cat box litter, or the frog pond scum? Just pull a bag and do your thing. As a bag is pulled the next bag will come out a few inches from the bottle, ready for the next bag need.

Step 8: Bottles & Bottles of Bags!

Now those empty plastic bottles are doing something useful.
Hay you kids!
I bet your Mom would love to have a row of these on her kitchen counter?
And all you husbands...Mothers Day and that Wedding Anniversary are just around the corner.

Step 9: I Just Hate It When That Happens!

I failed to mention that I use ONLY big mouth bottles. My fingers are way to big to cram a bag inside a small mouth bottle. Be advised that it's somewhat embarrassing to end up with your finger stuck in a small mouth plastic bottle ... and just when you were doing so well.



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