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Introduction: Bottles on My Mind

About: I love creating objects out of recycled material

Bottles are always on my mind.

This helmet is made out of 140 plastic bottles


Step 1: Materials:

We will need:

  • An old helmet
  • 140 Bottle caps
  • 140 Plastic bottles
  • Hot glue gun

  • Hot glue sticks

Step 2: Adhering the Bottle Caps

We will glue the bottle caps on the helmet, with melt silicone

Step 3: Screwing the Bottles

Once all the bottle caps are glued, we will screw the plastic bottles

Step 4:

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    1 year ago

    This is beautiful! <3

    I think that is awesome, I am thinking of doing the same with a ball and have it blow around in the garden as a feature !

    You have my vote!! BTW I'm in Madrid and I want to see this!!

    Great idea! This would look even more amazing if you added an LED to each of the bottle lids and a small 3v barrel! You could make it so the LEDs only come on when the bottle is screwed in all the way.

    1 reply


    Yes, thats a great idea. In fact, this project is the second part of a lamp made out of 150 plastic bottles. Thanks!

    Have you worn this for any specific occasion or event?

    1 reply

    Hi! Yes it will be worn by someone in a special event in Madrid