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Frothy, decadent and totally glamorous, the tulle tree can adorn your dressing table while you get ready for Christmas parties, or be your table centre piece on Christmas day.

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Step 1:

The base and 'trunk' of the tree are made from a wooden kitchen roll holder. Sand the kitchen roll holder and spray paint to match your fabric (in my case gold).

Step 2:

Now cut your fabric strips, this project works well with tulle, net, organza or any lightweight fabric that doesn't fray too much.
My organza fabric arrived on a roll 11 inches wide so that's the width of the base of my tree.

I cut the following strips:
11" x 66"        28cm x 165cm
10" x 66"        25cm x 165cm
9" x 60"          22cm x 150cm
8" x 60"          20cm x 150cm
7" x 48"          17cm x 120cm
6" x 48"          15cm x 120cm
5" x 36"          13cm x 90cm
4" x 36"          10cm x 90cm
3" x 36"          8cm x 90cm

Starting with the widest strip, fold it in half lengthwise so the first strip is now 5.5" wide by 66" long.
Sew a basting stitch (very long straight stitch for gathering) along the folded edge, a quarter of an inch in from the fold.
(I stupidly forgot to take pics of my gold tree being made, this fabric is for a bronze net tree I made but the process is exactly the same)

Step 3:

Pull on one of the loose threads, to gather up the fabric tightly. Knot securely and then tie both ends together to create a circle.

Step 4:

Add your first layer to your tree 'trunk' and repeat the steps for all your remaining fabric strips.

Step 5:

'Fluff your ruffles' and admire!  Thanks for reading, more pics on my blog at

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    8 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute idea. The sewing can be done by hand or machine which is really nice for those who don't have a sewing machine and it is an easy assembly.
    Good use for the garage sale paper towel holder.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    How much fabric in total please? Just had the idea to use that very thin Sheering elastic you buy on a role to thread through a few holes.l. I'm going to try it.


    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    This is so sweet and simple. I love it. Was the tulle in the final picture finer than the net in the demo? I liked them both. (I am scared of this near a real candle though)' Whoops I just re-read it all and noted the fabric change, My bad. Ha! Ha!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I would try this using a styrofoam cone and cut up christmas ribbons and just push them in with a sharp knitting needle, chop stick. Thanks for the idea.