Bounce, Little One!

This project is a physics experiment and to observe about the conservation of energy and momentum, as well as understanding the materials elastic potential energy and how it could be converted into kinetic energy!

Step 1: Stack the Ball As Shown

Make sure the balls' center are as co-linear as possible before you drop them!

Step 2: Drop the 3 Balls Like So As If They Were a Single Unit

Step 3: Observe the Balls Getting Bounced Back

Pay attention to the ping pong ball and observe how high it has bounced back. Pay attention to the tennis ball and basketball and see how they behave. See whether they did bounce at all and try to compare the elasticity of all 3 balls after the experiment.

Step 4 - Spoiler alert XD

Step 4: Finally, the Ping Pong Ball Bounced at Enormous Height



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