"Bouncer" the Lamp

Introduction: "Bouncer" the Lamp

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I made a lamp from stainless 316 pipe, willow tree (salix caprea) and piece of polycarbonate.

Started this project searching suitable lamp shade, i wanted it to be made of glass, found one from the recycling center. Also i think white colour suits well with the steel and little reddish wood.

I call it "Bouncer".. Its a ammo shaped, used 7.62 cal assault rifle ammo as a reference.

With the "Hat" its sophisticated, like bouncers usually are. Without the hat, aggressive and dangerous, like unfortynatelly some bouncers too.

Body is made from left over pieces of pipe, dia 42mm and 62mm.

Bottom part is with thicker wall, inner dia 40mm, outer 62mm

Stand is willow tree, and polycarbonate.

Lit up with leds.

Video shows the process:

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Step 1: Start..

I don't have a metal lathe, so i used my diy wood lathe instead.

To connect the ammo to my wood lathe i weld pieces of steel to the ends of the upper and lower pipes.

These plates had holes in the middle of them. I weld a bolt trough one end.

Then i tack weld the pieces together and finally weld the seams with tig.

Step 2: Turning..

I connected the cartridge to my drill powered lathe, and smoothened welds and surface with angle grinder.

Then i sanded it with 120, 180 grit flap wheels and 240 and 320 grit papers.

Polished with autosol chrome paste.

Then i turned the projectile from a piece of willow tree.

I have no much wood turning tools, so i made the biggest shaping with angle grinder.

Then i turned a little slot to upper section of the projectile to get the "hat" (shade) stand firmly on its place.

Stand is also made from willow tree.

Smoothened the block with power plane and sander.

Step 3: Stand Continued..

I routed a groove for the led stripe using dremel circle cutter and router bit.

When groove was deep enough (15mm) i lowered the middle section with dremel plunge router attachment. ( 5mm under the surface around )

Drilled a hole for the power cord, and applied layer of linseed oil to both, stand and projectile.

Step 4: Stand.. More..

I hide the leds under 5mm thick polycarbonate.

Cut round (110mm dia ) piece with dremel circle cutting attachment and spiral cutting drill.

Routed 15mm wide section around the piece using the same attachment and router bit.

Then i smoothened the edges and routed surface. Left it "frosty" to get led light spread nicer.

Step 5: Wiring..

I used 30 cm long Bitfenix alchemy led strip. Its made to be used with pc and uses 12 volts.

I have several 12 v transformers lying around my shop, used one for this.

Soldered wires together and secured connection with heat shrinks and hot glue.

When i turned the projectile, i made same time a block that fits inside the bottom of the cartridge. ( made a little tight fit )

Drilled a hole trough it, and connected the wood block, and round polycarbonate piece to the stand with one screw.

Then i placed the ammo to the stand at i was ready.

Step 6: Finished..

Final pictures...

Thanks for watching!

Stay tuned..


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    that is really cool