Bouncing Tops

Introduction: Bouncing Tops

About: Winging it in the kitchen. Curious enough to try things out

Turning an old bouncy ball into two spinning tops. I was actually curious to see how the inside of a bouncy ball looks like. I ended up wanting to make use of the two halves. Materials: A bouncy ball having a diameter around 3.5 or greater. The greater it is the harder it will be to cut through it . cutter Nail remover tool Screws The size of the screws should be shorter than half the ball (hight wise ) Compass and ruler Marker Paint (optional) Please note: I did not have a smaller one but the one I used is also suitable

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Step 1: Symmetry and Slice

Every bouncy ball has a thin line that bisects it into two parts. Mark that line with a marker so you can cut along it. Use the regular paper cutter and start cutting a long the line. It has to be done from more than one place so the incision would go through it. If the bouncy ball is small only one cutter is needed If the bouncy ball bigger : don't do it with big bouncy ball since it's dangerous. The cutter may break. So stick to cutting from more than one place along the same line. Eventually you can hold both ends and slowly rip them apart.

Step 2: Center Bull's Eye

This step is rather geometrical: :( sorry about that Considering the flat part of the semi sphere we need to find it's center which means : Using the ruler we need to measure the diameter of the flat part. So we need the longest chord in measurement. Once a first diameter is located: trace it and draw one perpendicular to it at its center (just to be accurate) Mark the center and do the same for each semi sphere

Step 3: Leaving a Mark

This step is not the part were we insert the screw(s). This step is only to pave the way. So you have this metallic pointy end in the compass. Using that metallic part: Push is through the shallow whole made. Hold the sphere in your hands and use the table to make it go through it. When taking it out again you 'll need a nail remover (tool)

Step 4: It's the Last Straw!! (screw Actually)

Flip the semi sphere on to the flat side. Let the curved side face up. Place the screw as such and use a screw driver to adjust its length through. Optional step: paint the spheres

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