Bounty Sandwich




Introduction: Bounty Sandwich

This is the recipe for a Bounty-like sandwich.
It's easy, tasty and a great dinner snack (with a glass of milk).

You'll need:

1 knife
1 plate
1 spoon

100 g Nutella (or a different brand of cocoa spread)
6 slices of Sliced Bread
8 tablespoon (7 g) Coconut Flakes

A glass of milk

Step 1: Spread Nutella on All Bread Slices

1 Spread Nutella on all bread slices for a better adherence of the coconut flakes

Step 2: Spread Coconut Flakes on All Bread Slices

Spread coconut flakes on all bread slices. Don't worry if you get some coconut on the plate. It will be used in the next step. :)

Step 3: Build the Sandwiches

Build the sandwiches
Spread Nutella on the outer crust of the sandwiches.

Step 4: Insulation

Insulate the crust with the remaining coconut flakes and enjoy the sandwich.
I always cut the sandwich in two, but you can choose not to.



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    5 Discussions

    Do you have any suggestions for something to substitute for cocoanut? I am allergic :/

    2 replies

    Hi ilpug,

    I would substitute coconut with walnut crumbles or almond flakes.
    These two are good alternatives to coconut and I hope you're not allergic to them.

    Let me know how this tips works out.


    WOW ! I thought the sandwich was baked or something in tinfoil from the photo. This looks absolutley delicious !