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Introduction: Bouquet Pinata

As a bride who prefers cargo pants to dresses, I decided this was my way of avoiding the bouquet toss - by creating a pinata I can use as my bouquet.


For the base:
-Masking tape
-Paper towel or toilet paper roll tube

For the flowers:
-Satin/organza/shiny polyester fabric
-Embroidery thread
-A wide pillar candle
-hot glue gun

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Step 1: Base Construction

The base (or use your favorite paper mache technique. Dan Reeder has amazing videos.):

To make the base, wad up newspaper sheets into a ball until it's the size you want. Once you're happy, cover it with enough masking tape that the ball holds its shape.

Rip up more sheets into large strips, and prepare a paste of flour and water. I didn't measure it; I added flour until it wasn't runny.

Place a strip on the ball, and use your hands to coat the strip with paste.

Repeat until you have a few layers of strips, then set the ball aside to dry.

Remember to rotate the ball every few hours or so, or you'll end up with a mushy spot.

Once it's dry, cut a hole in the base, pull out the newspaper, and tape a paper towel or toilet paper roll on - it'll act as your grip.

Step 2: Flowers

I used two versions of satin flowers, with the same basic concept.

Cut circles out of your fabric. Once you have a giant pile, light that candle (use a well ventilated area), and hold the fabric circle over the flame to singe the edges.

-Singe the circle flat. Layer finished circles together to make a flower.
-Pinch the circle in fourths, then burn in place. Sew 3-5 of these together to make a fluffy singed flower.

Step 3: Assembly

Once you have sewn the flowers individually, hot glue gun on everything and let cool. I recommend painting the base if you have time, but it's pretty easy to hide the newsprint. Add ribbons or lace if you feel like it.

That's it! Fill it with candy, and you have a bouquet pinata.

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    This is an awesome idea!