Boutonniere / Refrigerator Magnet (3D Printed With Air Plant and Magnet)




Introduction: Boutonniere / Refrigerator Magnet (3D Printed With Air Plant and Magnet)

I designed and 3D printed some interesting containers based on geometric shapes influenced by my interest in sacred geometry. The exploration of blending organic and inorganic shapes and empty space is at the heart of these pieces. As follows are some images of the process of creating these pieces.  CAD file support provided by my friend Aaron Porterfield.

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Step 1: Design and 3D Print "containers"

I created little “buckets” based on some sacred geometry shapes I like and printed them 3-4” wide and 2” tall. The printer I used was a Stratasys 500 on fast print (60 micron resolution) using Vero Clear compound. Attached are the STL files - enjoy :)

Step 2: Glue Magnet Onto Bottom of 3D Printed Container

I use “Tilly Tacker” general purpose adhesive that is a clear waterproof air plant glue. Allow at least 30 minutes to set, will dry completely overnight. I prefer rare earth magnets and found that ~4 pounds of pull force is a good strength to hold a nice size piece and allow strong attraction to a washer through a sweater, while being weak enough to not tear the fabric if it is pulled off without holding the washer.

Step 3: Glue Air Plant to Magnet

Depending on the size and shape of the air plant (heavier or shape requiring very specific positioning), you may want to apply glue to the top of the magnet and the base of the air plant, then let the glue dry for 15 minutes before you push them together. I used a piece of cork to add some height to the air plant that needed a little more room to spread out than the container was allowing.

Step 4: Enjoy - Wear or Place on Metal Objects :)

I use a steel washer to attach the back of Boutonniere to a shirt or sweater; place the washer inside of the clothing and then bring the Boutonniere close to it so they attract and bind, then move to area you want and enjoy. Also great for refrigerator or other steel / iron objects, as aluminum will not interact with magnets

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    I have added the STL files so you may print and play with these designs :)