NOTE this project may be dangerous and I am not responsible for any damage caused by it

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Step 1: The Bow

find a bow stick and cut off all the knots in the wood,then make an arrow rest by cutting a piece of pvc pipe1 1/2 inches long then tape it on the bow right over the spot you want the handle to be find a screw just like the one in the second picture and screw that over the arrow rest. The screw will be the sight. then tape the spot you want the handle to be on.

Step 2: The String

this part I actually got from an instructable called the 15 minute pvc bow by basement hacker

So you use two bungee cords , put both hooks on the same side and tape them to one end of the bow,do the same thing to the other end. Now tie para cord to connect the bungee cords

Step 3: Enjoy

now you can make your own arrow and enjoy shooting outside,but remember be careful !!!

Oh and here is a pic of the screw

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    4 Discussions

    if anybody is wondering about the draw weight its between 10 to 15 lb ,oh and seamster I pull my bow really hard and the bungee cords never come off


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made a few bows like this when I was a kid. I got whipped in the face one time really good when the bungee cord broke free from the top of the bow... I was lucky I didn't lose an eye!

    Point being, it's fun to tinker and make stuff like this, but please be super careful.

    1 reply

    I know what you mean so if anybody makes this project don't hold the bow close to your face and secure the bungee cords with lots of duct tape