Bow Hunting Practice Drills for ADRENALINE | the Sticks Outfitter EP. 21

About: Become the Ultimate DIY Hunter & Fisherman!

Things you'll need: a bow, arrows, a bow holder (see our bow holder DIY video), and a target to shoot at

It's difficult to replicate the adrenaline that kicks in right as you're drawing your bow back before you harvest the animal you're hunting. These are a few drills that help get your heart pumping to better prepare you for that critical moment!

First things first, measure three different shooting distances and mark them so you know your shooting point for each drill.

1. 40 Yard Dash, 10 Second Draw, 40 Yard Shot- start at your target, sprint to your 40 yard mark, pick up and draw your bow while standing, hold your draw for 10 seconds then take your shot

2. 10 Suicides, 20 Second Draw, 20 Yard Sitting Shot- ten suicides (down and backs), head to your bow rack and pick up your bow, take a seat carefully, draw your bow and hold it for 20 seconds then take your shot

3. 25 Push Ups, 25 Sit Ups, 30 Second Draw, 30 Yard Shot- do 25 push ups, followed by 25 sit ups, grab your bow off the bow rack, go to a knee and hold your draw for 30 seconds before taking your shot

4. 40 Yard Quick Draw Shot- stand 40 yards away from your target, draw your bow and take the shot as quickly as possible as if the animal you were hunting might take of any second and you have to shoot quickly

Have fun, we hope these help, and stay safe while practicing and shooting!



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    2 years ago

    Good ibble. And you need ythe fitness as you rightly say. like the humor as well.

    1 reply
    The Sticks OutfitterFlenters

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words and following along, glad you enjoyed the video and found it helpful!