Bow Infinity Scarf/Head Warmer




Introduction: Bow Infinity Scarf/Head Warmer

Hi everyone, this is my first instructable and i'm really nervous because i don't know, i hope you like it.

A little background story, i'm learning different things cause i get boring and sewing caught my attention lately, so i try this project and is a opportunity to see a feedback from the community and my niece fight me because i don't make anything to her so is a great chance too, also i do not have pictures of my niece using it because I'll see her in a few days so gonna update that.

This project might take you 15 minutes or less depending on your skill, but is not hard and is pretty simple sorry if it's too simple to your taste just a little patience and don't procrastinate (i procrastinate like 2 hours i get distracted a lot easily) so let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

Because you can't start without materials.

  1. -A nice space to work this is really important.
  2. -Fabric: around 64"W=27"H for me cause i always do a try piece then the final piece but you can use less (think on the material if you want to stretch or fixed and in this case warmer)
  3. -Sewing machine (you can do it with hand stitch, but take longer and i'm bad a it).
  4. -Measuring tape for me or Rotary cutting set (whichever suits you best).
  5. -Pins, thread, needle, pencil, scissors and rule.
  6. -Paper for a pattern this is optional.

Step 2: Measure

  1. Grab the fabric and fold it in half, then pin it and mark 30 "wide and 7" tall or use your measurements and now you have the body of the scarf.
  2. Now we need the body of the lasso so now mark 3"tall and 3" wide and a little more remember to do the hem keep in mind the measures are up to you too.

  3. (Advice always fix everything to keep the exact dimensions on your fabric, even if you have experience, it takes a little time but it's better than making a mistake).

Step 3: Sew

  1. Check your measurements again to make sure they are good
  2. Proceed to cut the fabric and fix it, first grab the scarf body and place the outside fabric facing inward so when you flip it the stitches are hidden inside your fabric when you flip it again, ok now sew the upper and lower side doing a open tube, do not sew the end sides so you can flip your fabric in order to get right face of the fabric on the outside.
  3. Now take the body of the bow by folding it in half to sew the edges of the sides making the hem and also the bottom in order to make a hollow tube.

    Then proceed to trespass the body of the scarf inside the loop of the bow, depending on the material you choose making the bow may vary.

Step 4: Final Touches

Almost finished I hope you have no problems or doubts, ask for help or advice there is no shame when you need help.

  1. Now grab the two faces inside of the fabric who are in contact with your body and sew it, be careful when sewing, if you don't check the fabric you can get the other pieces sew too.
  2. Next we gonna close it all, you need to flip the inside fabric to be outside but is kinda tricky, if you don't know how watch the video in order to make it, once you get it then you gonna get a small hole to flip out the fabric, for the endow need to do a blind stitch.

Step 5: It Is Finish

Now try it and hope you like it, i'm gonna do another one with different fabric and broach.

Tell me what you think, because I think women are more imaginative when it comes to clothes, any idea, change, extras that you put I want to know, I'm also sorry if you do not understand one of the parts of the project, I try to make myself understood as much as possible but if I have to edit to make it easy for you I will do it.

I'm sorry if you find it too simple, for the moment I try not to do very complicated things.

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute style of headband :) I need something like this to cover my ears when it gets really cold!