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Introduction: Bow Tie and Hair Piece Out of Duct Tape

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Duct tape... you can really use it to everything!

This is for the time when you are going to a party and want to spice up your outfit ;)

Super easy and fun - enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Duct tape

And for bow tie
Elastics(the size of the bow tie wearers neck)
Measure stick

And for hair piece
Metal wire
Ribbon to wrap around head
Glitter glue
Optional some flower cutters to ease flower cutting

Step 2: Bow Tie

Start by laying duct tape double, sticky side to sticky side, cut it so it is about 25 cm.

Cut another piece about 10 cm long and fold it in three.

Fold the bigger piece's ends against the middle, lay it so it overlaps somewhat. take a little piece of duct tape and tape it together.

Fold the bow to your liking( try to make it symmetrical, that will look sharper) and then tie the smaller duct tape part around the bow and attach it with a small piece of duct tape.

Take the elastics and just attach it to the back of the bow to make it stay in place and voila, a bow tie is born ;)

Step 3: Hair Piece

Start by folding pieces of duct tape onto each other, sticky side to sticky side.

I used flower cutters(used in cake decorating) to get them even. I used three sizes of cutters, the two larger for the flowers and the smaller for the stars. Each flower is made out of three duct tape flowers.

Take a pearl and skewer it onto the metal wire. Twin the ends of the metal wire together.
Push them through the flowers and for the first two flower layers I glue them in place and then use a little metal wire to make them go up over the pearl(see picture). Let them dry.

Then add the last flower layer. I left them flat so I had more to attach glue to.

The smallest flower shapes is covered in glitter glue and then let them dry.

When the flowers and stars have dried, glue them onto the ribbon and let it dry. Finished!

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    3 years ago

    I really like the idea of using cookie cutter patterns!