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Introduction: Bow With Tails - No Sew

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If you're anything like me, you enjoy your bows with tails. also, if you're anything like me, you probably suck at sewing. I've solved all your problems!

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Step 1: What You Need

You'll Need:

(I'm not even joking)

Step 2: Cut Your Fabric

My fabric is already cut, because I'm ninja like that.

This is a perfect project to use those pesky little scraps (I'm using scraps from an upcycled shirt project I did).

you need a wide piece, and at least 8cm long. (long enough to be folded in half).
You will also need a longer, thinner piece. Don't stress too much if your edges aren't straight, you can always trim it up later.

Step 3: Fold

Easiest step yet, fold your wider piece of material over. You can fold lengthways or widthways. I folded widthway.

Step 4: Long Piece Prep

Lay your long piece like pictured, so both sides are parallel.

Step 5: Nearly There

Nearly done! Now you have to lay your wide piece on the thin piece. make sure you leave the top loop visible above it.

Step 6: Tying

Bring the tails that are below your wide piece up and over it, and pull them through your loop. Put a finger on both sides of the wide piece, and gently pull the knot tight.

Step 7: All Done!

Once you are happy with where your knot is positioned, pull it as tight as you can! Ta-da!
You now have a fancy tailed bow.
If you have rough edges, or your tails are too long, just trim it!

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Nyan cats crafts
Nyan cats crafts

3 months ago

Thx for making this! I already have an Idea for next Holween!!!