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Introduction: Bow Wood PVC

Step 1:

Step 2:




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    i really want this but i cant seem to get the instruction for the wood part how did you get the cutting disign?


    realmente quiero esto, pero me parece que no puede obtener la instrucción para la parte de madera cómo se te ocurrió la disign de corte?

    um the instructable is not loading properly so can you help me out a bit? How long are the limbs, and what wood should i use for the handle?

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    ok, never mind the limb question because they look like 50cms. I could use oak or poplar right?

    Ok so the next step would be to use fiberglass tent poles on each end and you got a pritty powerful bow.

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    This is a good instructable,do you know the draw wt. on your bow?

    20 meters - easy...!

    Made a adjustment and used bamboo instead of PVC.

    See our Youtube contribution:

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    pulgada is Spanish for 'INCH'.

    But I don't understand what you mean by 1/2 inch PVC. Perhaps the thickness of the plastic ?
    What is the DIAMETER of the PVC pipe please ??

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    HALF A INCH= 1/2. Half a inch is English for HALF A INCH meaning in diameter.

    I'm pretty sure he's reffering to standard 1/2 inch, schedule 40 PVC pipe, rated at 590 W.P. psi. Average inside diameter is just over 1/2 inch, average outside diameter is just over 3/4 inch. Available at any hardware store. If you're still unsure ask a store attendant, they might even cut it to length for you if you ask.

    Me parece muy interesante tu diseño, solo te recomendaria que cubrieras el pvc con algun tipo de cinta ya sea aislante o de cualquier otro tipo, ya que el pvc despues de exponerse al sol, tiende a hacerse quebradizo, el problema es que al quebrarse puede generar astillas, las cuales facilmente pueden penetrar la piel, otra peculiaridad del pvc es que no se detecta con los rayos X por lo que si te encajas una astilla puedes necesitar de cirugia para la extraccion (claro esto en casos extremos)

    Saludos desde Mexico

    Is it possible to increase the draw weight? I hear from other it can be done by adding smaller diameter PVC tube inside the original one. Does that work? Because i want my first diy bow can be upgradable.

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    Yes, if possible. the inner tube should be slightly shorter than the outside, so that the tip of the blade lighter than the base.
    Looking at this another