Bowline Knot

Introduction: Bowline Knot

This instructable will teach you how to tie a bowline knot. The bowline (pronounced Bo Lin) creates a secure loop that does not bind or slip when weight is applied, unlike a noose. It can be used for many different things, especially rescuing people from drowning. If someone throws you a rope to rescue you, tie this knot around your torso.

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Under no circumstances should any knot, loop, noose, or other length of rope be attached to ones neck as it could cause injuries or death. I take no responsibility for any injuries.

Step 2: Let's Get Down to Business

Step 3:

After following the instructions as depicted in the images, make any length adjustments, then pull the smaller end taut; and there you have a bowline. If there are any questions/ comments/ complaints, please leave a comment.

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