Bowser's Castle

Introduction: Bowser's Castle

Fun and exciting!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You need

Rods- Connectors- Miscalleneous

4 green 8 purple/gray 1-way 7 gray cylinders

7 white 8 red 1 blue ring

11 blue 5 green 1 green K'NEX motor

27 yellow 9 yellow 2 AA batteries

6 red 8 orange 16 gray connector-slider thingy-mijiggys

7 gray 2 tan short 1-way 3 blue connector-slider thingy-mijiggys

3 fire cog-looking 5 coins

1 tiny orange 1 star medal, 2 small platforms, 2 fireballs,

Step 2: Gather the Materials(continued)

1 gray trampoline

2 brown trampolines

1 Bowser figure

1 light blue medium-sized platform

2 cheep cheeps

2 goombas

Step 3: Be Serious in This Fire Step.

Behind the fire cogs is your starting base. The K'NEX motor auto-mates the fire cogs, so you don't have to twist the black thingy.

Step 4: Pathway

I just wanted a pathway for no reason.

Step 5: Roller Skating Part I

You get a gray trampoline and cruise!

Step 6: Goombas

I put Goombas here for the figure to think its a muddy kind of Bowser.

Step 7: And Again We Have a Pathway.

Path way #2 basically.

Step 8: Cheep Cheeps (I Would Ask an Adult)

This is the puzzle step. Outskirts you may get wrong.

Step 9: Escalator

Spring it up! Final battle!

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for viewing and building this Instructable! 31 views as of 22 hours ago!!


    4 years ago

    Looks like a fun contraption to build!


    Reply 4 years ago

    It does, indeed.