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Introduction: Box 2nd Edition

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A new stab at an earlier project I made. This is a jewelry box I made as a birthday present for my little sister. This time I made the inner boxes of acrylic, which has been sanded down to give it a translucent quality. I am working on another box using different materials, and will make sure to document and make a full blown instructable, hopefully within a couple of weeks. 



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    Really great design, and beautifully put together! Still no instructable?

    me thinks if you made the button out of copper, and some copper or brass corners, some cross beams, making the box more structurally sound, and some amber plastic instead of the white stuff you have in there now, it could totally be a steampunk safe :]

    Hey Flark, I apologize for my previous comment...I understand it is a slide show, so I should not have been so critical.  It's a great project and am looking forward to your instructable.  Thanks, Cman

    You do beautiful work and this is a great example. Probably with more patience than I have, but then it's your idea. I have a problem with the "Instructables" part however. How do you cut the acrylic, what are the dimensions, how do you glue the parts together, what glue do you use, and so on and so forth. This should really be called a "Showable"....I know because I have been hammered by the audience for far less  neglect in "instructing" than this project exudes. And while it is a wonderful piece of work, since it doesn't instruct, it's a mystery as to how it gets featured....ah the mysteries of how the minds of instructables staff works! Cman

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    It does say on the front page icon that this is just a "Slideshow" :). I really wanted to document the making of this, but I was in a hurry. I'll be making another box as soon as possible, and I promise I'll make sure to document and write a full instructable, describing every part on how to recreate this.

    I like how she uses it for sweets!  It is beautifully crafted, I'd love to see how you make your next one.

     Nice, thanks for sharing, you really did improve on the last version. That fastener is genius.