Box Braid Bracelet



Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

As many colors of string you want and all equal length.


And a flat and sturdy surface.

Step 2: Getting Started

Tie all of your strings together at the top and then tape it down to the flat surface. Then separate all of the colors

Step 3: Doing the Pattern

Take the first string (green) and make a four over the second strand (blue) and but the blue tail in the middle of the four and pull it through then do this twice. Then take the green or first strand and do the same thing for the third and forth strands

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat step three with the second strand third and forth until you run out of yarn.

Step 5: Finishing It

Once your done with the pattern tie the ends of the knot all the way at the top of the bracelet and tie it with the ends and then of your ends are crazy cut it off so it looks more organized!

Step 6: All Done

Now you have a cute looks complicated but it's easy bracelet that is very pretty and fun to make! :D



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