Box Lamp




Materials and Tools:

Three slats of 12x4" wood

One lightbulb and socket

Four unsplit chopsticks

Steel wire (or any comparable wire)

A piece of 30x12" textile (the thinner, the better)

A hot glue gun

Wire cutters


Step 1: Prepare Your Wood

I took my original piece of 12x12" and cut it into thirds, then sanded them down.

Step 2: Glue Together the Base

Laying one slat flat on the ground, use your hot glue to append the other two to its sides. I used a book to make sure they being glued at a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: Make Seating for Your Light

Take two pairs of unsplit chopsticks and glue them together so their length is 12". They should bridge across the top of your wooden slats perfectly. Once they've cooled, glue them to the top of your slats.

Step 4: Attach the Light

Taking your steel wire, cut a length and wrap it around the socket you're using. Add two hook on opposite sides, then wrap those hooks around your chopsticks to keep your socket steady and in place. Make sure your socket and its wiring doesn't rise above the chopsticks.

Step 5: Glue Your Cable Into Place

Glue it to one side slat, to keep it out of the way.

Step 6: Ready Fabric

Cut it to size. If anything, err on the side of too much; you'll be trimming off the excess.

Step 7: Attach Your Fabric and Finish

Using hot glue, attach the fabric to all sides of your wooden slats, drawing it tightly and evenly covering the open space where your bulb rests. Using scissors, trim excess fabric.

Plug your lamp in, and you're set.



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    Nice lamp design. You should think about entering this into the First Time Author's contest.