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Introduction: Box Laser

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Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Long skinny cardboard box.
2. Flashlights and other light up things.
3. Scissors
4. Duct Tape
5. Black spray paint.
6. Paper
7. Tinted plastic (from balloon or inner tube)
8. Sharpie

Step 2: First Step

First you take the long cardboard box and cut it down to a resonable size.

Step 3: Second Step

Second, you cut one side of the box so it is like a door and cut the plastick. Add layers to the plastick so you can see the color.

Step 4: Therd Step

Before you put on the plastic spray paint it any color you like.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Now put on the plastic. Open up the inside and fill it with as many flash lights as you can fit.

Step 6: Fith Step

Ok now you have the base of your box laser. If you want you can add the scope. Cut one layer of the plastic in a small shape that as wide and tall as your pointer finger.Then take some sharpie and put a "x" on it from one end to the other. Than role up a peice of paper and tape the plastic down to the roled up peice of paper. Then you can put it on the box laser. One of these pictures allows you to look through the scope.

Step 7:

So that is how you make this instructable. I hope you liked it.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    it so cutie ( just kidding) its awesome (acully i helped make it.