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Introduction: Box With Led

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Glass box that was inserted multicolored LED lights inside with a pulse switch assembly. gift set for Mother's Day.

Were used:

1 Glass box $1500 CLP
2 Led's flashing multicolor $200 CLP
1 Pulse switch $300 CLP
1 Resistance 110ohms or 120ohms $50CLP
1 Battery 9v $1990 Approximate CLP
1 Cable $ Recycling :)
1 Hot glue $ I was a little :P

Total Price: $4240 CLP or $ 9 USD Approximate

1.- See Diagram "I'm not electrical, sorry for the diagram :)"

2.- After you have everything measured and cut, you stick with hot glue around the edge and pull out the cables to the battery and connect, you can use other batteries in this case and as I led the first circuit using a battery 9v, paste it in the back of the box with hot glue.


That's it. sorry for my English but I am Chilean :)

espero que les guste :) es mi primer circuito led que hice. Gracias

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    Really cool rated 4***************
    Its a-m-a-z-i-n-g!-!-!!!