Box With Wheels




Introduction: Box With Wheels

I made a box that could fit onto a platform with wheels.

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Step 1: The Base

For the base I found a piece of wood lying around. The base consisted of five planks of wood attached to two end pieces of wood as seen in the first photo. I put four wheels on the four corners. I put the center of each wheel 2 inches inwards from the edges. I used wood screws to attach the wheels. Before putting in the wood screws I used a drill to drill where I was going to put the screws. This is not necessary, but it did make putting the screws in easier. I then screwed in the wood screws and the wheels were on.

Step 2: Making the Box

Next, I made the box part. I wanted the box to fit onto the bottom with wheels and be detachable. I used an electronic saw to cut out each piece of wood needed. I had the pieces 1 foot tall on all four sides. I used a hot glue gun to attach all four sides and the base of this box. Once the box was put together I realized it could be more stable. In all four corners I put rectangles about an inch wide. I put two screws on the two sides not against the walls and a screw in the bottom of each rectangle. This made the structure stable. I then wanted handles on the box so it would be easy to lift it from the platform with wheels. I got creative making the triangles as seen in the photos. I used a drill to make a hole and then used a saw to carve out the triangle pattern on two of the walls. Afterwards, I used black stain to stain the box.

Step 3: Credits

I would like to thank my amazing teacher, Dr. Feldman for helping me with this. It was only with his help that this box with wheels became what it turned out to be.

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    3 years ago

    It looks nice, I like the designs cut into the sides :)