Box for South Pacific a Simple Crate That Can Also Work As a Rack Mount

this is the final product

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Step 1: All Pieces of Wood That You Will Need

The first step of things that you will need to do is to cut the wood you will need for one box

you will need

8x-2x4's at 19" long

2x-3/8" ply at 19x18 1/4" these will be side a

2x-3/8" ply at 18 1/4"x18 1/4" these will be side b

1x 3/4" ply at 19"x19" this will be side c

Step 2: Creating the Structural Components

Take the 8-19" 2x4"s and attach them in the way shown above (insert image) when complete these will be component d

Step 3: Add Side Panels to the 2x4's

attatch side b to the compenent d

NOTE! it is critical that they all be attatched in the same way to the longest side will become clearer in the image

Step 4: Attatching the Other Sides

after you attach side b to component d you need to attach side a to the free edge on component d

Step 5: Lidding the Box

after you have attached all four sides to component d you will attach component c to either open end of the box

Step 6:

materials list for one box

3x 4'x4' sheets 3/8" ply

1x 4'x4' sheet of 3/4" ply

1x 10' 2x4" board

1x 5' 2x4" board

brad nails preferably if unavailable drywall screws will suffice



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