Box for the Fridge's Door

Introduction: Box for the Fridge's Door

Grandma gave my little daughter a very nice box with a pair of socks for each day. Once the socks got in the rolling routine of being used, washed and stored, the box was taken apart but, being such a nice thing, we didn't want it to be forgotten somewhere around the house.

I work in a computing enterprise and, from time to time, they give away old computers and hard disks. Some of them don't work at all but I take them home anyway to keep the magnets that are in it. Doesn't even care if they have an IDE, SAS or SATA. You never know when you are going to use their magnets. My kids usually stick them to the fridge door. And this is how the idea came to us.

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Step 1: Choosing the Components

As said in the introduction, we'll just need a couple of powerful magnets and a beautiful box. In this instructable we'll use a glue gun to stick them, but any glue which is able to stick both surfaces (metal and box), will work. For a while we had the magnets without glue, but everytime the box was take away from the fridge, the magnets fell out of place.

When choosing the box, take care of:

  • it should be a light one. The heavier the box, the more magnetic power will be needed.
  • regarding the side which will be facing the fridge, the thinner the better, as we will need less magnet power (this is not necessarily true for metal boxes).
  • if you have an artist soul or don't have a box beautiful enough to see it everytime you open the fridge, just paint it yourself. There are a lot of instructables to get some ideas from.

Regarding the magnets:

  • hard disk magnets are stuck to a bigger metal plate.
  • the plates should be plain. If they have blended corners, though most of them will work, we'll may drop the box if we hit the corner when trying to get the hand in the box. Also, they may be blended towards the magnet side and these magnets are not useful.
  • if more magnetic power is needed, more magnets may be used.
  • any magnet will work, not only hard disks', but these were the kind I had around.

Just two advices regarding the glue gun:

  • it gets REALLY HOT so take care when manipulating it and keep the kids away!!
  • I put the gun while heating, using it and cooling on an used paper sheet. Otherwise it'd drip and spoil the table where I'm making the instructable. You may use any disposable like a thin wood board.

Step 2: The Making Process

  1. put the magnets in the box where they'll be stuck and put the box on the fridge door.
  2. put inside the box whatever you're going to keep inside once we finish. If the box stays on the door, we have enough magnetic power. Otherwise, we'll need to use more magnets. As I'll keep there some light fridge magnets for the kids to play, it's enough with two.
  3. clean the magnets with some alcohol.
  4. once the alcohol is evaporated and the glue hot, put some glue on the magnet. Take care to spread it on the magnet side, not the metal plate, as it'll have more power to stick. We don't need too much glue as we only want the magnet to keep in place in the box (or out of the box) but once on the door, magnetics will do all the work.
  5. unplug the glue gun.
  6. wait a few seconds for the glue to get cold.
  7. put your fashion beautiful box on the door of the bridge

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    2 years ago

    That's a neat idea to reuse the magnets :) You could use the box to store letter and number magnets for the kids to play with.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you :)