Box of Chocolates Wreath

Introduction: Box of Chocolates Wreath

This tutorial is based on queenplinker's how-to:

which is fabulous!

This one will show you how to do it with items costing $1 or less each (after coupons), minus supplies a crafter most likely has in their home.

I made this wreath for my mom, who loves chocolate and wanted a good wreath for Valentines day. I really did not want to give her this wreath after I made it. Seriously, I love it that much. Might go grab more supplies to make one for myself! Anyway, onto to the good stuff!

Total Cost of supplies specific to this project: $17

minus cost of items that can be used on future projects cuz you had plenty left over: $10 (paint, 3-D paint, cutters, ribbon, rest of nail files)

Actual Cost for this one project: $5, with another $2 for paint used =$7

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Step 1: Supplies!

Head on over to your local Dollar Tree or similar store and purchase the following:

-Bag of styro foam spheres (ping pong or golf ball size)

-Styro foam cube, large

-Mod Podge (now sold in small tubes, or head over to a craft store for a half pint, with coupon)

-Heart shaped plastic serving tray (seasonal item for February)

-Nail files

-Paint brush

-Wax or parchment paper

-Valentines day themed cupcake wrappers with heart shaped picks

-Wire cutter

For the chocolate colors and "icing", take a trot to your local craft store to purchase these dollar items (after coupon)

-Acrylic Paint (vanilla, Hot Cocoa, Bittersweet Chocolate)

-3-D Fabric paint tubes (red, pink, white, brown)

-Valentines ribbon

Items you should already have:

-Hot glue gun

-Hot glue sticks

-x-acto knife/hand saw


Step 2: Cut and Shape the Chocolates

Round chocolates:

Cut your sphere styro foam balls in half. Use the nail file and smooth the rough, flat bottom and edge. To make the chocolate easier to write on later, file down the top of the dome to a flat surface that is about the size of a nickle.

Square, Rectangle and Egg shape chocolates:

Cut the cube you purchased into 1.5 inch wide by 1 inch deep mini cubes. Using the nail file again, smooth the edges into the shapes you want, and use the finer nail files to really smooth the tops where you will later draw on designs.

Clear workspace of styro foam dust and unused bits.

Step 3: Dip Chocolates in Mod Podge

This part is essential. Without it, the paint you will dab onto the styro foam will just bleed into the foam and take HOURS to dry and layer.

To cut down on all that time, dip/drown your individual chocolates in a layer or two of Mod Podge, allow time for drying between dips. Place the dipped chocolates on the w This will create a smooth, sealed layer on your chocolates and the pooling parts of Podge and the base of your chocolates will make them look like they melted a little, adding to the effect. When stop is dry, flip so the bottom can dry too.

Step 4: Paint the Chocolates

Mix up the shapes into different groups, best if the numbers per group are unequal.

Using the acrylic paints, paint brushes and wax/parchment paper (drying area), paint your chocolates. Mine only took one layer to get the desired color. Let dry.

Step 5: Icing Desgins on the Chocolates

The funnest part! Doodle on some designs with the 3-D fabric paint.

I spelled out the word "LOVE" with 4 of the chocolates and drizzled, swirled and penned on some hearts here and there on the others. If you are nervous about messing up the designs, practice on a sheet of wax/parchment paper until you are comfortable with the nibbed 3-D paint and it's scribble effect. Look up designs on real chocolates if you are blanking on doodle ideas or watch a youtube vid of how the designs are done by chocolatiers... you may have to go purchase edible chocolate at this point though, because of cravings.

Step 6: All About That Base

For the base of the wreath, also to be know as "Life is a Box of Chocolates", take the heart shaped serving dish and the cupcake picks. Arrange the picks under the edge of the dish to visualize how many picks you need and where to place them.

Take your wire cutter and cut the last, point half inch of the picks off. Flip over the dish so that backside is facing you.

Use the hot glue gun and glue on the cut picks into position. Once the picks have cooled, take your decorative ribbon, cut to a length you like, for hanging purposes, and glue onto the back.

Step 7: Arrange the Chocolates

Before you glue on the cupcake sleeves to the dish, decide where you want to glue them by arranging all of your chocolates. Try not to squish them in too tightly, empty spaces will be filled next.

Once the preferred arrangement is decided, hot glue the chocolates into the cupcake sleeves, then glue the sleeves to the tray. Allow to cool.

Step 8: Use Leftover Sleeves to Fill Empty Gaps

Take your leftover cupcake sleeves, fold in half, flatten, and then a couple more times to create a bunched effect.

Put a little hot glue on the bottom of the crumpled sleeve, use to fill in empty spaces in your box of chocolates. Allow to cool.

Step 9: Hang and Admire

Congratulations! Your wreath is done! It looks so pretty, and you did a great job! Have a couple more real chocolates~

Hang up your wreath on your door or give to a loved one as a present or invitation to date you.

If you make this wreath, please post a link or pick in the comments below so I can see your beautiful work! Good luck and happy crafting!

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