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Introduction: Box of Connectivity

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Sunday clean-up project. I am replacing some of the aging RJ45 jacks, then I see that my cables are messy. Searching around the house I find this two boxes of moon-cake, wide and thin, seem fit my whole cables and adapters.

Not a brainy project indeed, just showing how easy we can organize with some attractive unused boxes laying around us :)

Step 1: Labels

It is a good start labelling our cables because we are going to group all the cables into a bundle. Labels will make it easy for us to setup and maintenance.

Step 2: Cut Some Holes

Laying the cables in the box, now I need to cut some holes for the cables to go through (in and out). On the right side of the box, there is my wall plug, and also my internet-in cable and cable out to my warehouse. On the left side of the box is where the cables go into PoE adapters and power extension sockets.

Step 3: Box of Power

This is the most challenging part. Just like a puzzle game, I have to fit in the box two PoE adapters, a WiFi adapter, a 3-holes extension socket, and some cables.

I am just afraid of the rising heat, but somehow I will give it 48-hour test :)

Step 4: Box(es) of Connectivity

One hour setup, now I get a clean box(es) of connectivity. Tidy. Easy to clean. Have a good day. Thanks for reading :)



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    10 Discussions

    Any suggestions for box materials, as i have and android tv box and wlan wifi ap connected to long cables. Is like to puzzle up the whole lot like you did, but am concerned about the wifi signal being blocked. Please advise

    3 replies

    I only afraid of the heat of the machine/adapter. So better get a well ventilated one. I plan to add a small fan powered from my router's usb port :D

    I think wifi signal can penetrate well through cardboard or plastic. You will still get the same signal strength as long as the distance to your router remain the same :)

    Any of wooden, plastic or cardboard will do. I just used any unused moon-cake cardboard boxes :D

    If you are afraid of signal blockade, put your set-top-box outside just like my WiFi router. I only put the messy cables in the box, not the machine.

    If it is in your living room, you might want fancy one just like this ; just remember that you have to pay for it :D
    Or you can do like I did with any cardboard box that can be hidden well behind your TV set or any other furniture near by.


    2 years ago

    One question, wouldn't be easier just to cut cables to a correct lenght and put connectors on?

    1 reply

    I always spare some cables incase I need to move the position of my wifi. Things are changing, furnitures are changed or repositioned :)

    PoE adapters and power extension sockets are not shrinkable, but we need something to hide them :)