Box to Keep Drawing Materials

Introduction: Box to Keep Drawing Materials


The aim of this project is to design and build a box which  is going to be used for keeping pens and other drawing materials.

Its design was thought by following several examples which have a similar objetives. 

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Step 1:

First Step:

First of all we have to set the dimensions we have, it means that we have yto know the dimension of our work table.

The dimensions given was : 608x365x3 mm

Once I knowed how much space I  could use,  i designed the box taking into account the dimension depending of its use.
In my case the box was designed to keep drawing material.

I established the dimensions of a pen, because I considered that is is going to be the highest size that we can have.

The dimensions of the box are:   165x75x85

You can see the design of the box in the last picture:

In order to make sure that the piece is going to fit properly I take into acount a tolerance of 0,1mm.

This tolerance was obtained by testing differents possibilities of tolerances.

Step 2:

Second step:

Once I had the final design and I was sure that the laces fit, because I print the proof in the laser, I was ready to print in the laser machine.

Machine used: Epilog Láser

To cut the wood I used the Laser machine which use a concentration energy by lens, put it in one specific direction.
Through this machine it can be cut several materials accurately.

One important that we have to take into account is the parameters we must use according to our material.
In this case, the material used is wood.

To printed it I use the following parameters:

CUT:  Speed: 15%  Power: 82%  Frecuency: 532

RASTER: Speed: 58%  Power: 90%

The technique used:  through fixing the flaps, as we can see in the pictures from Introduction.

Afterwards I export the design from autocad to Inventor and I buildt in 3D

3D design by the program INVENTOR:

We can see in the picture above the design of the box by a tridimensional view:

We can see some pictures of the box completelly done.

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