Pair of Boxer Shorts From Old Shirt - DIY

Introduction: Pair of Boxer Shorts From Old Shirt - DIY

shirt size 42 (Indian size)
boxer for kids
Actual body measurements:
waist. : 65 cms, bum : 75 cms, 1 leg (thigh) circumference 50 cms, belly button thru legs to rear 56 cms

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Step 1: Things You Need: an Old Shirt, Basic Tailoring Items

shirt size 42. lay shirt buttoned up on a table

Step 2: Marking for Cutting

in the photo + marks not connected (refer white lines)are actual body measurements divided by 4 (waist & bum measurements) except leg which is half of leg circumference. add 5 cms to waist, 3 cms each to bum & leg measurements. connect mark as shown.

Step 3: Cutting

before placing this cut fabric on the other half remove the pocket carefully. we will be stitching the pocket on this half side in a slightly different location.

Step 4: Cutting the Other Half

place the cut first half on the 2nd , mark & cut neatly.

Step 5: Just Before Starting to Stitch

now get the sewing machine ready

Step 6: Stitching

stitch the pocket first, then reverse & assemble the shorts slowly

Step 7: Waist With Elastic

measure, cut necessary elastic ( I used 7 cms short of actual waist circumference.
stitch the elastic together to form a loop. divide into four equal parts & mark. place & do a temporary stitch on the four marks to the fabric waist. then fold & stitch the waist for a finished boxer shorts.

Step 8: Finished Boxer

thanks for watching. I am not a professional tailor but do some crafts. sorry if I am not that clear in instructions.
variations to this can be replace elastic with tie strands. adding opening in front for boys.

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    Nice basic sewing project. I might actually be able to do this.