Bracelet Organizer That Holds Dozens of Bracelets and Keeps Them All VISIBLE to Choose!



Introduction: Bracelet Organizer That Holds Dozens of Bracelets and Keeps Them All VISIBLE to Choose!

Are you tired of searching through cluttered drawers of jewelry, just to find that bracelet that you know you have, somewhere?

I have the perfect bracelet organizer for you!!  Never search again through tangled messes! This portable bracelet organizer has six rods long enough to store dozens and dozens of bracelets and the carrying handle acts as a hanger for those necklaces that tangle so easily.

With this organizer all of your bracelets will be in one place, all visible for quick choosing, easy to remove and enough space you can even hang a few long necklaces!

If you would like to make one, the instructions follow.  This is really a very easy project, just a little complex to try and explain, so bear with me and if you have any questions, I gladly help!

Step 1: Supply List

This project does require a few minor woodworking tools listed below:

Cordless Drill,
              drill bit to pre drill holes,
              a countersinking bit for the screw heads
              a forstner bit to drill the holes for the rods.
Screws-1 inch
Rods-   6 pieces of 12 '' (Dowel rods will work, but I chose to use stainless steel rods, on my first one I used tubing that was                             left over from another project.)
Combination Square
Wood- I used pine 6'' wide x  45'' length.  Measurements will be in the next step.
Handle- I have used a tree branch, but you may use a large dowel rod, copper pipe, or what ever you wish.
Stain or your choice of finish.

Step 2: Wood Measurements

Pine Board 6'' x 45'' long
   Cut 2 sided measuring 6'' x 16'' long
   Cut 1 bottom measuring 6'' x 11 1/2'' long
   Optional -- Bottom brace, 2''  x 11 1/2'' (you can use scrap wood or make sure to buy a long enough board for this piece. On the first                           one that I made I did not include a brace and it works just as well, so, the brace is just for looks.)

Rods- 6 rods 12'' long

Center Rod/Handle 12'' long

Step 3: Getting Started

First you will need to ''rip'' your pine board to a 6'' width as shown in the first photo.

Then you will be marking your sides and bottom measurements and cutting each piece.

Step 4: Optional: Router the Edges

After cutting your sides, bottom and bracing piece, you may want to router the edges, this is for appearance only and therefore optional.

Step 5: Attaching the Bottom Brace

On your bottom piece, 6'' x 11 1/2'',  you will need to find the center of the board and lightly mark with a pencil.

Next drill pilot holes for the screws then redrill with a countersinking bit, being cautious not to drill too deep, only enough for the head of the screw to lay flush with the board.

Attach the center brace board, keep edges even. See second photo.

Step 6: Marking and Drilling the Screw Placement

Take the bottom board, now with the bracing attached and butt it against one of the side piece.  With a pencil lightly mark around the shape for screw placement. Do both side boards. See photo two.  Drill the pilot holes first, then redrill with the countersinking bit.  Drill as many holes as you feel you need.

Step 7: Marking the Rod Placement

On the side boards, which now should be marked with the shape of the bottom and the brace board and drilled with screw holes, we will be measuring and marking the placement holes for the rods.

Down from the top (the end with no holes drilled) measure and mark at the 5 inch and 10 inches on both sides of each board.
(The first rod will lay at the very top, the next a 5'' and the next at 10'')

With the forstner bit drill a hole at each mark ( 5'', 10'' and the top)  about 1/4'' in on the board.

With a compound square draw a line from the top and bottom of each hole at a 45 degree angle creating a "u" shaped cove for the rod to set into.

Unfortunately, I got so caught up in making this organizer, I forgot to take a photo of the chisel and razor knife to "dig" the wood out of the channel where the rod will be inserted and set.  SORRY :0(.   The top of the organizer, where the rod will be, is very difficult to chisel out without breaking the point off the board.  Here I "opened" the slot a little, giving me more room to work, and not put as much pressure on the very tip of the board. See the last photo.

You will be digging out about 1/4'' of wood so the rod will set into the board.
All six holes will need "dug" out, and sanded slightly if needed.

You will be doing the same thing for the handle, marking around the handle end, then digging out the wood so the handle sets into the side of the board approximately 1/4''.  
You may want to omit this step and  cut your handle to 11 1/2 '' so it just fits in between the sides and then put a screw into the end, (through the board into the handle).  If you opt for this method be sure to pre drill and countersink the screw heads. This is how I completed the first one I made and it is working just fine and is a little easier to do.

Step 8: Let's Put It TOGETHER & FINISH!!

We're almost done!

Screw the bottom and the sides together, but DO NOT tighten until you place the handle into the holes, unless you have opted to screw the handle into place.

After the handle is inserted tighten all screws being careful not to tighten enough to split the wood!

Now Finish as you desire.  The first one I made;  I painted, sanded, distressed and added a favorite print to the sides.
On this one I used stain and polyurethane to finish!


After the finish is dry, place the rods into the slots and you are ready to stock your new bracelet organizer!

If the bracelet you want is in the middle of the row, simple slip the bracelets onto your fingers, drop off the one you want then replace the others all at one time!  Want to see the necklaces hanging from the handle?  Simply take off the rods of bracelets for a quick look at what is there!

If you have enjoyed this tutorial and organization idea, remember to vote for me!

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