Bracelet Made From a Coke Can




Introduction: Bracelet Made From a Coke Can

How to make a cool bracelet with an empty can of drink. I'm aware I haven’t
actually used a coke can :)

A second can is required for the pull tab, but I'm sure there are plenty of empty cans about.

All the tools you need can probably find round the house.

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Step 1: What You Need

  • A can!
  • A second can for the pull tab
  • Marker pen
  • A hair ban
  • Stanley knife, although a kitchen knife will probably wor
  • Scissors or wire cutter
  • Paper/newspaper/rubbish

Also be careful as the can be very sharp, I didn't use safety gloves but I was careful. If you’re worried about getting cut wear safety gloves, I didn't and it was fine.

Step 2: Marking Out the Can to Be Cut

Decide what width you'd like the bracelet to be, I made is big enough to fit
the logo in.

I stuck a hair band on the can where I wanted to cut, a marker pen is then used to draw a line round the can.

This will make it easier to cut straight as you'll have a line to follow.

Do this top and bottom.

You want to leave enough gap either side of the logo because the edges will later be folded in.

Step 3: Cutting the Can

Please be careful with the knife.

I first cut the top half off, I pierced the can with the tip of the blade and proceeded to cut round the can.

A hacksaw could be used if you have one (I haven’t tried this)

To cut the bottom I stuffed the can will some scrap paper to help stop the can collapsing inwards.

Once cut out cut it down the middle where you want them to join with the pull tabs. (Scissors might be best to use for this bit, but I haven’t tried)

Try it on (its sharp) and if you feel you need to trim it back a bit so it's more of a snug fit then do so, remember the pull tabs will add length.

Step 4: The Sharp Edges

Try to straighten the cut piece out by hand as this will help folding the

Use both hands to work the edges down, once bent over enough you can press down and fold them over completely.

I started with the ends first and then the sides.

With each edge bent, I pressed down with the end of the stanley knife and slightly tapped to make sure the edges were properly bent over and sat down flat.

Step 5: Fitting the Joiners

Swivel the tab round 180 degrees from its original position and pull it off, it should just pop off.

Use the knife to pierce the can and make a little slot.

Bent the tab up that was originally attached to the can, this will make it easier to insert.

Insert it in the slot and bent the tab down, again I used the end of the knife to bash down the tab.

With the second pull tab you want to cut where I've marked the image with the red circle.

This is so you can attach the two tabs together with them pulling apart.

Use the same technique to fit like the first.

Fit the bracelet and enjoy


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    Oh cool .I just voted for it cause it is different from all the others in the contest as it does not use any fabric.


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    5 years ago

    Even though you folded over the edges, (knowing me, and my luck) I would probably end up cutting my self anyway. :o


    5 years ago

    That looks safe...