Introduction: Bradawl

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Hi all This is a bradawl I made from Used wood. I used a teak leg of an old coffee table that was given to me last week as They thought that I would like to use the wood for something..So I used one of the legs and turned it into a handle on my homemade Lathe.. I think my wife is going to keep it it the Kitchen draw for an ice pick lol that what she said to me lol

Step 1: Shaping

Once I had the rough shape Turned out I started to fine tune it to the finished shape I wanted with sanding blocks and different grits..I turned the end to the desired diameter for the copper ring that is just a used piece off 15mm copper water pipe.

Step 2: Finished Bradle

The Main shaft/spike I just used an old screw driver that I shaped and sharpened on the bench grinder Then Drilled into the handle and used Epoxy resin quick set to hold it in place and that set really well and it is very tight and does not move at all. The safety cover is a piece of Aluminium pipe that I polished on the lathe.

I then Thought that I would use a little sawdust and a half log just to make the Photo's a little more Interesting..

Step 3:

Step 4:



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    2 years ago

    Nicely done. I like building tools like this as well. Another nice option for the brass/copper end is a copper pipe cap off part you can buy at the hardware stores and then simply drill a hole in the end and fit it on the wooden handle. But yours looks very nice.

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    Thank you Mate I was going to use one of those copper end caps. But can I find them lol. I know I have them in the shop somewhere :) Thank you for commenting I Appreciate it... :)

    Thanks I have heard many names for this tool But I Appreciate your Comment Thank you...

    Remember Basic Instinct? Make sure it's not stowed somewhere under your bed xD

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