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Introduction: Braided Bead Bracelet

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I saw these everywhere last summer and, upon closer inspection, found they were super simple to make! Make tons in different colors for the trendy stacked look/

Step 1: Materials

To make this bracelet you'll need:

Cord (thin enough to fit through your beads)
Round beads

Step 2: Prep the Cord

Loop the top of the cord and knot it. This is part of the clasp for your bracelet so make sure that it's not too big and not too small for the knot you'll tie at the other end.

Tape the cord to the edge of the table to keep the cord anchored to the table.

Braid the cord as far as you like. I only wanted the beads to be on the top of the bracelet, so I braided 1/4 of the circumference of my wrist. You may want to do more or less depending on your preferences.

At this point, I threaded beads onto each thread and tied a knot at the end of each thread. This will save you a lot of grief because at you thread more beads and braid, the thread will start to unravel and it will become increasingly more difficult to thread the beads on. I find the putting some lip balm onto the end of the thread and twisting it helps the fibers stay together.

Step 3: Braid the Beads

Thread a bead onto the middle thread, bring the left thread to the middle then the right thread to the middle to create a circle around the bead.

Thread another bead into the center thread and continue. Add as many beads as you like, braid the same length of cord that you braided at the beginning, and tie a knot that will fit securely into the loop you tied at the beginning of the bracelet.

Step 4: ENJOY!

Make about 10 more of these and you'll have a great stacked look that is super trendy right now.

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6 years ago

LOVE it! So much easier than it looks! Definitely going to make one! Thanks!