Braided Bracelet




Introduction: Braided Bracelet

This project is one of the most tedious and frustrating things so you'll need a lot of patience.

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Step 1: Materials

Razor/scissors (razor works better)
Leather lace
leather hole puncher

Step 2: Cutting

With the razor blade cut a piece of leather to the length that fits you as a regular bracelet. Mark it and cut it into three sections.

Step 3: Hole Punching

take the hole puncher and hammer and knock two holes into the leather.

Step 4: Braiding

this is the hard part.
Begin braiding the three strips then fold the top into the middle-left gap.
Then fold the top over once more and pull on the two ends. Sometimes it's there but you don't know so you have to look for it.

Step 5: Last Step!

Take the lace and weave it through the holes

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    5 years ago

    Your welcome

    It turned out so nice, honestly it looks kind of like a magic trick! How to braid a loop without cutting the end. Thanks for sharing!