Braided Flower Bun Hairstyle

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DIY Video on How to make a fast & easy braided flower bun.

This is an excellent hairstyle for that period in which you don't have time to wash the hair. By using some simple technique you can create some simple hairstyle. You can check out our article about the braided flower bun and maybe check out our Youtube Channel.

Hairstyler: Antonela Cocean
Model: Laura Charaba

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Step 1: Comb the Hair

Comb the hair and tie a low ponytail. Use a good elastic band and some bobby pins.

Step 2: Twist & Swirl

Twist the ponytail and start swirlling around the elastic band.

Step 3:

Once you go around, start pulling some hair strands to create volume

Step 4: Swirl the Ponytail

Swirl the ponytail all around linto a spiral. The longer the hair, the bigger the bun.

Step 5: Petal Shape

Try pulling the hair stands in the shape of a petal. This way you will get a full flower bun.

Step 6: Place the Pin

When you get towards the ends of the hair, pin it in place

Step 7: The End Result

Finish it off by arranging the hairstands and pinning extra bobby pins if necessary.

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    3 years ago

    Beautiful hair bun!