Braided Pepperoni Loaf




Introduction: Braided Pepperoni Loaf

Takes about 20- 25 minutes and it's worth every minute..

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Step 1: ​A Quick and Easy Braided Pepperoni Loaf

You'll need:

1 tube of Croissant dough

Some Mozzerella cheese

A handfull of pepperoni and/ or salami

Flatten out the dough on the table.

Place a genrous amout of cheese down the middle of the dough.

Layer your pepporoni or salami ontop of the cheese.

Now take either a knife or pizza cutter and slit each side of the dough into ribbons.

Carefully fold the strips of dough over the fillings- one side then the other will give you a cool braided look.

Either go from one end to the other or from each end to the middle.

Bake in a preheated oven at 375deg for about 14-16minutes watching closely to make sure it doesn't get to golden brown. Its still quite good when it has gotten browned but we like it a little softer.

Slice or just let it cool and tear of a chunk and eat it. Enough cheese will usually keep it from being 'dry' but it it does end up on the dry side just serve it with some pizza sauce and all is right in the world.

Hope you enjoy.

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