Brain Cancer Detector

Create a simple brain detector. Using image processing by MATLAB, you can make precise brain cancer detector.

Now check out how we create it! Following steps show the details.

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Step 1: Create GUI to Make Clear Interface

Using MATLAB, create GUI by entering the code 'guide' in the command window. Create two plot boxes by using 'Axes' and delete all XTick and YTick label to display only image. One box displays the loaded image and the other shows the image of the segremented tumor cell. Add two push buttons; one is 'load_image' and the other is 'Detect_Cancer'.

Step 2: Load the MRI Image of Brain

Load the MRI image of brain by pressing the 'Load_Image' button. Use some important MATLAB functions for image processing such as 'imread', 'imshow', and 'im2double'. 'imgetfile' function enables to browse any image you want to load. You can choose any MRI image of brain in the browser. When you select an appropriate image, the left box displays the image.

Step 3: Detect the Tumor Cell From the Loaded Image

After loading the MRI image of brain, you can detect the tumor cell by pressing the 'Detect_Image' button. The image of the detected tumor cell appears with the exterior boundaries on the right box. In this step, some major MATLAB functions for image processing are applied. 'im2bw', 'regionprops', 'strel', and 'bwboundaries' are used to filter the image of tumor cells from the original image.

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