Brain Inside (Intel IoT)


Introduction: Brain Inside (Intel IoT)

Brain Inside is a smart helmet built within 24 hours using Intel Edison at Intel IOT Roadshow. It’s designed for Motorcyclist’s safety.

It has features like

• Auto Turn Indicator
• Alert on Accident
• Light sensing lamps
• Auto Brake Indicator
• Auto Navigation

Step 1: What You Need

To create the smart helmet you need:

  1. Intel Edison
  2. Breakout Board
  3. Accelerometer,
  4. LED strips or LED Bar
  5. Single LED
  6. Buzzer
  7. Light sensor,
  8. Proximity sensor

Connect these to the Edison and enable Wi-Fi on the Edison.

Next is the code...

Step 2: Running the Solution

Take the code in Step 3 and copy it to the Edison using vi or any other editor of your choice.

To run the code use NodeJS to execute the JavaScript file.


node SmartHelmet.js

Code dependencies:

  • MRAA (included in Edison image)
  • http
  • fs

Adding Email alerts:

In the place where we detect accident, you can insert the Email sending code from SendGrid.

Step 3: Code (SmartHelmet.js)

Attached is the code for running the helmet solution.

Step 4: Demo Videos



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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I am interested in internet of things programming.where can i do this(source)?

    Brain sensing helmet makes sense.

    EEG sensors could do drowsiness detection and warning....

    2 replies

    Great idea! I'll see if this is possible with our solution. we can also use accelerometer to detect head movements/jerks associated with sleepiness.

    Also take a look at one of our companies,

    and our "Muse" product (brain-sensing headband).

    Give it a try with the helmet, and see if it works.

    Some people have also done drowsiness detection with Muse.

    This is such an innovative idea! Perhaps you should have documented it well an added more pictures so the people you want to build it can easily understand.

    2 replies

    Thanks for making the changes. Much better now.