Brains and Zombie Cupcakes

Introduction: Brains and Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie and Brain cupcakes.
Eyeballs are made out of fondant recipe here:

buttercream icing recipe:

Hands down best buttercream icing ever.  The coffee cream is ooo so good. 

The trick to making the icing look like brains- go around the cupcake to make a circle. Then make a line down centre. Fill in both halves with squigglies zigzags. This gave the best "Brain Effect"

The Fondant- The most time consuming about these was waiting for them to set and harden. Give yourself a couple days before party to have these done. I made mine 3 days before.

 I use a fondant tool set from Michael's for details.  You can pick up for $30 but bring your 50 %off  coupon! 

The Tombstone cupcakes are covered in icing and sprinkled with Oreo crumbs. To write on the Tombstones I used a food marker- again Michael's. But found it didn't work so well, so I just etch in with fondant tool. Dont be scared of fondant it is like playing with play-dough. 

For eyeballs- I rolled balls then stuck each with a toothpick and then stuck other end of toothpick in a piece of square foam. This is so you dont have a flat spot on eyes. Keep out till hardened. Add detail after hardened. To get the iris to stick to eye use a paint brush and warm water to stick on. The water works like glue. 

Tips with working with the Marshmallow fondant:

Make sure you saran wrap, ziplock baggie it, then put it in tupperware container to stop it from drying out. I just left fondant on counter over night, as storing in fridge turns it to rock.

Nuke fondant ball you want to work with in 10 sec intervals. Watch out it is hot Marshmallows- I burnt myself several times……save yourself some cursing.

I kept my hands, counter, and rolling pin greased with shortening to prevent sticking, and help smooth out  bumps.

I also kept a warm cup of water and a paint brush at the ready, for “gluing” fondant together, and smoothing out.

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    6 years ago

    The brains are adorable! Good job!:)

    Aw, those brain ones are so cute! I just tried to make marshmallow fondant and such a hard time with it, but I just used marshmallows and powdered sugar. I'll have to try that recipe next time!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I got the gum paste at Micheals and a jar of it last forever.