Brake Piston Reset Tool #motorbikelifehack

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Replacing your brake pads might be an easy job, if resetting your brake pistons wouldn't be a tough work. Sure, there are tools available for 25$$$ and more. But why not just cutting two threads into your old braking pads?

1. Drill some holes.

2. Cut some threads into those holes.

3. Just use some screws to reset your brake pistons.

4. Be happy how cheap and easy replacing brake pads can be ;)

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    Tip 1 year ago

    hi i use a j push the pistons back.for the last 40 years. there are good tools out there that are cheap to buy. will last you a lifetime. as for this pad drilling and threading, you will

    need a drill and a drill bit to thread the ole .if you have the time.i will add mite this is a good hider you can pass it on when you sell the bike.or car.thank for the tip.from john in the uk.


    1 year ago

    Thats a brilliant idea